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Our Customer Charter

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Our customer charter is built around pride in our combined skills, passion and professionalism. We promise to consistently deliver the best results we can, with good humour and a friendly attitude.

We take great pride in our work, and will always strive to exceed expectations.

To uphold the highest possible standard of workmanship, quality and service throughout the  Client experience.

To achieve and maintain the highest level of skill and application to each project no matter how small.

To work in a clean and orderly fashion whilst on the client’s property

and respect Client confidentiality and family environment whilst on site

Communicate with the Client throughout the project on all matters arising from the installation.

To act conscientiously on all practical and design considerations and to offer impartial advice and suggestions to the ultimate benefit of the finished project.

To Manage schedules and project timings as accurately as possible and to communicate the same to all our clients.

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